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Apply! Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s fellowship on Climate Protection

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s fellowship programme allows future leaders to spend a year in Germany working on a research-related project of their own choice in the field of climate protection. Fellows are free to choose their own hosts. Submit an application if you come from a non-European transition or developing country and are involved with issues relating to the scientific, engineering, legal, economic or social aspects of climate change. Up to 20 fellowships will be granted, funded under the Federal Environment Ministry’s International Climate Initiative.
  • Bachelor’s or equivalent university degree completed less than 12 years ago
  • theme-related professional experience or further academic or professional qualification
  • mentoring agreement signed by a host in Germany
  • clearly visible leadership potential
  • monthly fellowship amount between 2,150 EUR – 2,750 EUR
  • three-week introductory seminar, several-day training course, reception at the Federal Environment Ministry
  • up to 2 months intensive German course
  • family allowances, lump sum for travel expenses
The closing date for applications is 15 March 2014. The fellowship will commence on 1 March 2015.
For detailed information please visit:

Join 48-hour final debate on CrowdOutAIDS Strategy!

After months of hard work—from the Open Forums, the solutions application, and collective authoring—we are almost at the finishing line! 

To finalize the strategy, take part in the 48 hour drafting-marathon startingWednesday 28 March at 1pm GMT, ending Friday 30 March 12 pm GMT, to discuss and endorse the Strategy produced by the CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee.

Click here to review and add your comments on the strategy now

The Drafting Committee or UNAIDS will be online to answer questions via the live chat function of the Google doc application or respond to comments as they are posted.

Thank you for all your great thoughts and ideas, and for contributing your experience to CrowdOutAIDS—the first crowdsourced strategy in the history of the UN. Together, we will increase youth leadership, ownership and mobilization at all levels of the AIDS response to reach the goals set in the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS!

Thank you so much on behalf of the CrowdOutAIDS team

Ps. To review the process to date, visit the CrowdOutAIDS blog

Call for Applications: UNAIDS CrowdOutAIDS Online Drafting Committee

The CrowdOutAIDS online and offline forums are coming to an end; we are making preparations for the next phases to transform discussions into an actionable strategy. We are analyzing all the fantastic input and will turn this into a survey which will be sent back to participants to validate the findings of the forums.

In the final step of CrowdOutAIDS, an independent drafting committee will be selected to collaboratively author the outcome document of the process via online tools and live drafting sessions.

The drafting committee will be made up of 7 “editors.” The purpose of the drafting committee is to objectively reflect on the various outputs from the CrowdOutAIDS process and put together a clear, concise, actionable plan together with key definitions and principles that UNAIDS should adhere to when working with young people.

We are now calling for applicants to be part of this exciting drafting committee – interested? Keep reading!

Scope of work 

  • Adhere to the principles of the CrowdOutAIDS process including transparency, openness, inclusiveness and youth-led.
  • Read all background materials and analysis of input carefully, and participate in briefing calls with the CrowdOutAIDS team.
  • Objectively represent the outputs of the CrowdOutAIDS process.
  • Take the lead in drafting at least one section of the CrowdOutAIDS outcome document, and provide constructive feedback to other sections.
  • Integrate comments via the chat function in the online drafting application from the CrowdOutAIDS participants.
  • Post each final section of the CrowdOutAIDS outcome document to one of the CrowdOutAIDS online forums for validation. For some forums this will require translation of the section into the forum language and translation of comments to English.
  • Synthesize and incorporate comments from the online forums into the English collaborative document.
  • Mobilize young people in your networks to take part in the CrowdOutAIDS process.

Time commitment

  • Writing process will take place during the last two weeks of January, from 20-40 hours each of the two weeks.
  • Available for several live drafting sessions, and reporting on the work of the drafting committee to the CrowdOutAIDS online forums, including some translation.

Inclusion criteria

  • Active involvement in CrowdOutAIDS
  • Under 30 years of age
  • Fluent English speaker and writer, with at least one of the following languages considered an asset: Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and/or Portuguese.
  • Proven ability to remain neutral and objective
  • Previous experience with collaborative document authoring considered an asset

Additional selection principles

  • Gender balance and equity
  • Regional balance
  • Key populations at higher risk and young people living with HIV are strongly encouraged to apply. The selection process will be confidential


To ensure the independence of the drafting committee, members will work on a voluntary basis with the CrowdOutAIDS participants as their key constituency

Selection process

  • Send your CV and a motivation letter (of maximum 300 words), in which you answer the following questions:

a) How have you been involved in CrowdOutAIDS so far?
b) Why should you be selected as a Drafting Committee member?
c) In your opinion, why is it important for the drafting committee to remain independent?

  • Seven online drafting committee members will be selected
  • The final selection of the drafting committee will be made by the 9th of January 2012 by a selection committee consisting of:

a) One moderator from the online CrowdOutAIDS forums (in consultation with the other moderators)
b) A representative from the External Working Group made up of members of global youth networks working on AIDS.
c) A CrowdOutAIDS project team member (UNAIDS staff)

Send your application before January 2, 2012 to The final selection will be made by January 9, 2012.

Good luck and happy holidays for the CrowdOutAIDS team! 


Call for Applications: Google Africa Intern Programme

Google Africa Intern Program – Lagos

This location is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The area: Direct Sales Organization

Technology can transform the way companies interact with their customers, and the Direct Sales Organization helps the world’s biggest companies to do just that. Whether we’re working with corporations directly or partnering with advertising agencies, we create innovative advertising campaigns across a variety of our products. Our Sales teams of account managers, executives, strategists, coordinators and specialists are specialized in different industries and regions to ensure that our ads reach the right users and give our clients the most bang for their buck.

The role: Google Africa Intern Program

As a Google Program Intern, you will support our team’s deployment of new and exciting Google products targeted at the region’s user and small businesses. Armed with deep knowledge of Google products and user needs, you will conduct market research and undertake various projects aimed at improving our current and future product offerings. Such projects might include user surveys, product testing, outreach to publishers and businesses, or marketing support. You may work with various teams across our product range and should expect a high amount of responsibility, on par with a regular team member. You come to us with a sharp, analytical mind and an entrepreneurial spirit, and you’re eager to join an exuberant, fast-paced team environment.

Internship will start on January 16, 2012 and will run approximately 14 weeks.

Please apply with a full CV in English and university transcripts or a full grade summary.


  • Take full responsibility for projects as assigned and develop smart, integrated, research-based marketing proposals for internal use.
  • Research and develop deep knowledge of key markets, and the respective competitive landscape, client products and key business issues.
  • Utilise measurement tools to add relevant data to presentations and proposals.
  • Contribute to the development of internal and external products.
  • Troubleshoot user and small business issues.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • University degree or equivalent in progress.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience and ability in common business applications (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation) and internet savvy.
  • Previous sales support or market research experience or internships.
  • Superior analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong project management, interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, constantly evolving team environment.
  • Excellent oral and written skills in English.

Other EMEA internships…

Are you looking for an adventure? Google now offers internship opportunities throughout the year. If you are studying Psychology or Art History, don’t let that arts degree keep you from applying to Google. We have internship work in many non-technical fields – including Finance, Marketing, and Sales.

Available opportunities

For details-

Best of Luck guys!

Call for Volunteers:UNAIDS CrowdOutAIDS Project!

CrowdOutAIDS works with young people from all continents! is looking for a network of volunteers to host offline CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum, because not all young people have access to the internet, particularly in areas where new HIV infections among young people are high. These meet-ups are crucial to ensure that the new UNAIDS strategy on HIV and young people truly represents the diverse perspectives of young people in the AIDS response. If you agree to host an Open Forum you will receive a discussion and “how to” guide, as well as a letter of recognition from UNAIDS for dedicating your time and effort to CrowdOutAIDS.

Click here for more info:

 About CrowdOutAIDS

 CrowdOutAIDS is the first time the UN collaboratively develops an actionable strategy on HIV and young people using online technologies, and youth organized meet-ups around the world. The aim is to rebuild the UNAIDS Secretariat’s work with young people from the ground up. Notall young people have access to the internet, particularly in some countries and communities where new HIV infections are high. To ensure that the strategy captures the diverse needs and challenges faced by young people in the AIDS response today, volunteers will host CrowdOutAIDS Open Forums around the world.

 We would very much like to encourage you to host an offline open forum. It’s not difficult, and will be of great value for the strategy. This is how you can do it:

 How to host a CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum?

 * Pick a date and venue for your Open Forum Register your Open Forum here on

* If you’ve registered, your Open Forum will show on an interactive map that will be launched next week

* You will receive a detailed “how to” guide via email or mail, if specifically requested.

* Share the idea of the Open Forums with friends, colleagues and other young people, and invite them to join.

When should I hold the Open Forum?

* Please plan your Open Forum so you can report back to no later than December 14, to make sure the output of your Open Forum is incorporated into the strategy.

What happens with the report from my Open Forum?

 * Your report from the CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum will be posted online and feed into the strategy development, just like the CrowdOutAIDS online Open Forums.

 * Based on the output from Online and Offline Open Forums, an elected online drafting committee of young people will draft the strategy via a wiki-like platform. Find out more here.

* You will receive a letter of recognition from UNAIDS for dedicating your time and effort to CrowdOutAIDS.

 It would be great if you could volunteer to host a CrowdOutAIDS offline Open Forum—this is a unique process for in the United Nations; let’s set the gold standard together in the UN’s work to include young people in policy development! We hope to have you on board and look forward to sharing more information with you shortly!