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Call for Applications:Women In Public Service Fall Institute 2012

African First Ladies Association Presents

Women In Public Service Fall Institute 2012

October 25 – November 07

Attend the Women In Public Service Fall Institute sponsored by the US State Department and the Woodrow Wilson Council of World Women Leaders.


All interested Applicants are required to cover tuition, travel and accommodation.

Hosted By Decisions In Democracy International (DDI)

Join US President Barack Obama’s Cabinet Members
Members of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Economic Team
Collaborate with  Dean Peter Henry of NYU Stern School of Business
Learn Mediation Skills from the Harvard Mediation Program at Harvard Law School
Witness the US Presidential Elections with Elected Officials in New Hampshire

Visit Actress Whoopi Goldberg on the set of, “The View”
Learn to Tweet with  TV Star Hill Harper, of “CSI” New York
Talk with Mr. Reggie Love, President Obama’s former Special Assistant
Tour Wall Street and Circle the Statue of Liberty
Travel by US Rail, Visit Harvard Yard, and Harvard Innovation Lab
Experience the “The Old Man of the Mountain” trip to the State House of NH

Special Guests:
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ambassador-at-Large Melanne Verveer
Former Cabinet Members, Veronica Biggins & Vivian Lowery Derryk
First Lady Of New Hampshire, Dr. Susan Lynch

United States Department of State
NYU Stern School of Business
Bloomberg LP
Foundation for Social Change
Hill Harper Associates
7 Sister Schools
Soul Purpose
Alpha Source Capital Securities LLC
Decisions In Democracy International

Academic Partners:
Dr. Jill Kickul
Dr. Claire Gaudiani
Dean Peter Henry – of NYU

Special Guest Speakers:
Madame Bintu Keita, UNICEF
Upala Devi, UNFPA
Ragita Kulkarni, TLEX

Register here: