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Apply! Tanzania’s Foundation for Civil Society Call for Proposal 2015

foundation for civil societyApplication Deadline: 21 July 2015

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in Tanzania is accepting proposals for its various grants which aim to empower citizens, facilitate linkages and to enable culture of ongoing learning to civil society. Applications are welcome from every part of the country.

FCS provides three types of grants:

  1. Strategic Grants (SG) (maximum 3 years) – in SG, the foundation grants maximum amount up to TZS 150 million per year.
  2. Medium Grants (MG) (maximum 3 years) – in MG, the foundation grants maximum amount up to TZS 45 million per year.
  3. Rolling Small Grants (RSG) (maximum 1 year) – in RSG, the foundation grants maximum amount up to TZS 7.5 million.

The Foundation for Civil Society (the Foundation) is an independent Tanzanian organization established as a non-profit company, supported and funded by a group of like-minded development partners in Tanzania, and governed by an independent Board.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible organizations to apply are non-governmental organization (NGO), community based organization (CBO), professional association, trade union, media organization, cooperative, and faith base organization.
  • Applicant’s organization should be registered in Mainland Tanzania and/or Zanzibar.
  • Organization must serve for charitable (not-for-profit) purposes.
  • Applicant must have a constitution or memorandum of association, or a legally recognized set of rules that explain your organization’s aims.
  • Applicant’s organization must have a bank account operated by more than 1 signatory that is not related to each other.
  1. The Foundation can make grants available to private media organizations only if the projects they are applying for do not contribute to their profits, overhead, or reducing debts, and are designed to serve the public good.
  2. Organizations that normally do savings and credit, micro-finance or income generation as their core work need to present a very strong case to the Foundation for Civil Society if they are planning to engage in activities outside of their regular work.
  3. The Foundation for Civil Society does NOT provide grants to International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs)

How to Apply

Applications will be considered on a ’first come, first served’ basis, and you will be informed if your application will not be considered for the round you have applied for. Grant applicants are encouraged to apply online BUT they have to make sure that they also send signed hard copies of their applications and necessary attachments.

To get more information, visit here.