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Call for Applications: 2015 AVAC’s Advocacy Fellowship

AVACThe goal of AVAC’s Advocacy Fellowship is to expand the capacity of advocates and organizations to monitor, support and help shape biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation of proven interventions worldwide. The Advocacy Fellowship is guided by AVAC’s conviction that effective and sustainable advocacy grows out of work that reflects organizational and individual interests, priorities and partnerships.
The Advocacy Fellowship provides support to emerging and mid-career advocates to design and implement advocacy projects focused on biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation activities in their countries and communities. These projects are designed to addresses locally identified gaps and priorities. Fellows receive training, full-time financial support and technical assistance to plan and implement a targeted one-year project within host organizations working in HIV/AIDS and/or advocacy. Host organizations are critical partners in the Fellowship and hosting Fellowship projects can be an opportunity for an organization to further develop its own work in this field.

The Fellowship program focuses on low- and middle-income countries where clinical research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, multi-purpose prevention technologies and PrEP is planned or ongoing and/or where there are plans for or current work on implementation of voluntary medical male circumcision, PrEP, treatment as prevention, “combination prevention” packages that combine biomedical strategies for population impact, and where the links between reproductive health and HIV risk for women are being studied.

HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellows are:

  • Emerging or mid-career community leaders and advocates involved or interested in advocacy around biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation.
  • Individuals with some experience or education in the areas of HIV and AIDS, public health, medicine, international development, women’s rights, communications, and/or advocacy with key populations, such as sex workers, gay men, other men who have sex with men and transgender women and people who inject drugs.
  • Based in low- and middle-income countries where biomedical HIV prevention clinical research is planned and/or where implementation of “combination prevention” is planned, ongoing or emerging.
  • Able to collaborate with English-speaking mentors.

Please visit to identify countries where research and implementation is ongoing or planned and to learn more about the research.

Learn More

Prospective applicants or host organizations who want to learn more about this program or have questions about the application process are encouraged to:

If you have any questions about the Fellowship program or the application process, please email

Applications are due by MONDAY, 4 AUGUST 2014.

Download application materials at

#VacancyAlert: The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS seeks Regional Focal Points

gyca logoGYCA Announces Call for Regional Focal Point Applications in 5 Regions!

GYCA, a program of the Public Health Institute (, is a global
network of more than 8,000 young leaders and adult allies who are changing
the face of the youth HIV movement. Based in New York, GYCA is represented
in every region of the world by 12 Regional Focal Points. GYCA recognizes
the power and potential of young leaders as the best force to address HIV
and AIDS in their communities, and works to empower them with knowledge,
skills, resources, and opportunities they need to scale up their

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS is excited to announce that it has opened the application process for 2014-2016 Regional Focal Points!.  GYCA is accepting applications from young people who work in the youth HIV
movement in the following regions:

– Asia Pacific
– Caribbean
– Middle East & North Africa
– North America
– Western Europe

*Be a part of the movement!*

GYCA’s Regional Focal Point Program prepares young leaders working in the
HIV response to be pro-active and effective agents of change. Regional
Focal Points are GYCA’s eyes and ears in every region of the world. They
create a bridge that links grassroots activism and action with global
advocacy, helping to usher young people’s voices through the corridors of

The voices of young people are central to ensuring a strong global HIV
response. Young people are disproportionately affected by HIV; every year,
young people represent more than 40% of all new HIV infections. As the
world meets to establish the post-2015 development agenda, GYCA is
committed to ensuring that young people play a role in that

GYCA Regional Focal Points are critical partners in the youth HIV movement.
They play a key role in determining GYCA’s strategic direction in the
evolving global HIV response, helping GYCA ensure that it is truly led by
the young people for whom, and with whom, we work. Through GYCA, these
young leaders have the opportunity to change the way the world looks at
young people.

*How to apply*

Applications are open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Monday,
March 21, 2014 at 11:59PM EST.

Applicants must complete the online application form, upload a CV, and
attach a letter of recommendation from a supervisor or a colleague. Access
the application form here:

More information about GYCA’s Regional Focal Point program and the
eligibility requirements can be found at:

Any questions concerning the Regional Focal Points program or the
application process should be directed to

For more information,visit:



Join 48-hour final debate on CrowdOutAIDS Strategy!

After months of hard work—from the Open Forums, the solutions application, and collective authoring—we are almost at the finishing line! 

To finalize the strategy, take part in the 48 hour drafting-marathon startingWednesday 28 March at 1pm GMT, ending Friday 30 March 12 pm GMT, to discuss and endorse the Strategy produced by the CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee.

Click here to review and add your comments on the strategy now

The Drafting Committee or UNAIDS will be online to answer questions via the live chat function of the Google doc application or respond to comments as they are posted.

Thank you for all your great thoughts and ideas, and for contributing your experience to CrowdOutAIDS—the first crowdsourced strategy in the history of the UN. Together, we will increase youth leadership, ownership and mobilization at all levels of the AIDS response to reach the goals set in the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS!

Thank you so much on behalf of the CrowdOutAIDS team

Ps. To review the process to date, visit the CrowdOutAIDS blog

Call for Applications: UNAIDS CrowdOutAIDS Online Drafting Committee

The CrowdOutAIDS online and offline forums are coming to an end; we are making preparations for the next phases to transform discussions into an actionable strategy. We are analyzing all the fantastic input and will turn this into a survey which will be sent back to participants to validate the findings of the forums.

In the final step of CrowdOutAIDS, an independent drafting committee will be selected to collaboratively author the outcome document of the process via online tools and live drafting sessions.

The drafting committee will be made up of 7 “editors.” The purpose of the drafting committee is to objectively reflect on the various outputs from the CrowdOutAIDS process and put together a clear, concise, actionable plan together with key definitions and principles that UNAIDS should adhere to when working with young people.

We are now calling for applicants to be part of this exciting drafting committee – interested? Keep reading!

Scope of work 

  • Adhere to the principles of the CrowdOutAIDS process including transparency, openness, inclusiveness and youth-led.
  • Read all background materials and analysis of input carefully, and participate in briefing calls with the CrowdOutAIDS team.
  • Objectively represent the outputs of the CrowdOutAIDS process.
  • Take the lead in drafting at least one section of the CrowdOutAIDS outcome document, and provide constructive feedback to other sections.
  • Integrate comments via the chat function in the online drafting application from the CrowdOutAIDS participants.
  • Post each final section of the CrowdOutAIDS outcome document to one of the CrowdOutAIDS online forums for validation. For some forums this will require translation of the section into the forum language and translation of comments to English.
  • Synthesize and incorporate comments from the online forums into the English collaborative document.
  • Mobilize young people in your networks to take part in the CrowdOutAIDS process.

Time commitment

  • Writing process will take place during the last two weeks of January, from 20-40 hours each of the two weeks.
  • Available for several live drafting sessions, and reporting on the work of the drafting committee to the CrowdOutAIDS online forums, including some translation.

Inclusion criteria

  • Active involvement in CrowdOutAIDS
  • Under 30 years of age
  • Fluent English speaker and writer, with at least one of the following languages considered an asset: Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and/or Portuguese.
  • Proven ability to remain neutral and objective
  • Previous experience with collaborative document authoring considered an asset

Additional selection principles

  • Gender balance and equity
  • Regional balance
  • Key populations at higher risk and young people living with HIV are strongly encouraged to apply. The selection process will be confidential


To ensure the independence of the drafting committee, members will work on a voluntary basis with the CrowdOutAIDS participants as their key constituency

Selection process

  • Send your CV and a motivation letter (of maximum 300 words), in which you answer the following questions:

a) How have you been involved in CrowdOutAIDS so far?
b) Why should you be selected as a Drafting Committee member?
c) In your opinion, why is it important for the drafting committee to remain independent?

  • Seven online drafting committee members will be selected
  • The final selection of the drafting committee will be made by the 9th of January 2012 by a selection committee consisting of:

a) One moderator from the online CrowdOutAIDS forums (in consultation with the other moderators)
b) A representative from the External Working Group made up of members of global youth networks working on AIDS.
c) A CrowdOutAIDS project team member (UNAIDS staff)

Send your application before January 2, 2012 to The final selection will be made by January 9, 2012.

Good luck and happy holidays for the CrowdOutAIDS team! 


Call for Volunteers:UNAIDS CrowdOutAIDS Project!

CrowdOutAIDS works with young people from all continents! is looking for a network of volunteers to host offline CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum, because not all young people have access to the internet, particularly in areas where new HIV infections among young people are high. These meet-ups are crucial to ensure that the new UNAIDS strategy on HIV and young people truly represents the diverse perspectives of young people in the AIDS response. If you agree to host an Open Forum you will receive a discussion and “how to” guide, as well as a letter of recognition from UNAIDS for dedicating your time and effort to CrowdOutAIDS.

Click here for more info:

 About CrowdOutAIDS

 CrowdOutAIDS is the first time the UN collaboratively develops an actionable strategy on HIV and young people using online technologies, and youth organized meet-ups around the world. The aim is to rebuild the UNAIDS Secretariat’s work with young people from the ground up. Notall young people have access to the internet, particularly in some countries and communities where new HIV infections are high. To ensure that the strategy captures the diverse needs and challenges faced by young people in the AIDS response today, volunteers will host CrowdOutAIDS Open Forums around the world.

 We would very much like to encourage you to host an offline open forum. It’s not difficult, and will be of great value for the strategy. This is how you can do it:

 How to host a CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum?

 * Pick a date and venue for your Open Forum Register your Open Forum here on

* If you’ve registered, your Open Forum will show on an interactive map that will be launched next week

* You will receive a detailed “how to” guide via email or mail, if specifically requested.

* Share the idea of the Open Forums with friends, colleagues and other young people, and invite them to join.

When should I hold the Open Forum?

* Please plan your Open Forum so you can report back to no later than December 14, to make sure the output of your Open Forum is incorporated into the strategy.

What happens with the report from my Open Forum?

 * Your report from the CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum will be posted online and feed into the strategy development, just like the CrowdOutAIDS online Open Forums.

 * Based on the output from Online and Offline Open Forums, an elected online drafting committee of young people will draft the strategy via a wiki-like platform. Find out more here.

* You will receive a letter of recognition from UNAIDS for dedicating your time and effort to CrowdOutAIDS.

 It would be great if you could volunteer to host a CrowdOutAIDS offline Open Forum—this is a unique process for in the United Nations; let’s set the gold standard together in the UN’s work to include young people in policy development! We hope to have you on board and look forward to sharing more information with you shortly!