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Call for Applications: Innovation Prize for African Innovators

ipa_banner_english1The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) is calling on all African innovators to submit their entries for the fourth edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) competition. The IPA is presented annually, enabling and encouraging African pioneers to develop creative ideas and techniques to overcome some of the challenges faced by the continent and support sustainable development.

“At the African Innovation Foundation we are passionate about Africa and its potential, that we firmly believe will be led by empowering a new generation of African innovators and entrepreneurs.  But we also recognise that this new generation needs the resources and the opportunities to realise their ambition,” said AIF and IPA founder Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais.  “ IPA provides a platform to encourage and harness these entrepreneurial skills in order to help improve the lives of Africans and to help realise untapped potential. The prize is also a great way of unleashing creativity and promoting growth within the African continent.”

All innovations are evaluated based on the following criteria: originality, marketability, scalability, social impact and Scientific/technical aspects. The best submission will be awarded a grand prize of USD 100 000.  The second prize of USD 25 000 will be awarded to an innovator with an innovation which has the best commercial and business potential. An additional award is a special prize granted to the innovator whose innovation has the best social impact in the community.

The IPA encourages entries in five key categories: Agriculture and Agribusiness, Environment, Energy and Water, Health and Wellbeing, ICT applications, and Manufacturing and Services Industries.

The deadline for submitting applications for IPA 2015 is 31 October 2014 at 24h00 GMT.

For more information on competition categories, conditions of entry, and submission details, please visit:Innovation Prize for Africa

Call for Entries: A Date With History Video Contest

The ‘Date With History’ contest is an opportunity for young people around the globe to inspire their leaders to act boldly and with urgency on key issues impacting the future of our planet. Entrants can upload a video speech, and the top videos will be shared at the upcoming Rio Earth Summit in June.

diverse jury of prominent celebrities, environmental activists and thought leaders will select one winner who will travel to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the summit and to share their vision!

Write a 2-3 minute speech (about 1 page written). Here is a list of great resources to help you learn more about the Earth summit and to get inspired about your vision for the future.
Get in front of your webcam, phone or video camera, and video your speech. Upload it on the contest website  or on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry via Mobli . Submissions are due by no later than 11:59 UTC on 6 May, 2012.

Share your video far and wide. The video creators with the most votes will become the finalists, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro and present your vision. Voting closes 11:59 UTC on 6 May, 2012.

Approximately 3 finalists from each of six continents will be selected based on the highest number of votes. In addition 3 wild card slots will be reserved for special mention videos selected by our team of editors. A jury representing a cross-section of civil society organizations, celebrities, youth leaders and media experts will vote on the finalists. The winner will be announced on 15 May, 2012 and must accept the prize by 22 May, 2012.

Tips to make your entry successful:

  1. Make sure you select a clear theme and jot down a few strong points about the main message you want to get across before you get started writing. Pick something that’s close to your heart — such as ideas to improve the lives of the poorest people, what you think would create more green jobs, how we can better protect and preserve our wilderness areas, or how you see your town 20 years into the future. For a list of the 7 themes discussed at the Rio Summit visit the official UNCSD website or check out our resource page.
  2. As a guideline, if you write one page it will normally take 2-3 minutes to speak it out loud. Avoid long silences (it is a speech contest, after all) and try to make each sentence as clear and direct to the point as possible. Be memorable. Be colorful! But no inoppropriate language allowed. After all it is the United Nations! Any content with profanity, nudity or hate speech will be removed from the contest.
  3. Practice. It’s a good idea to grab a friend to practice reading or delivering your speech. But be sure to pick someone who will be constructive! If you don’t have a friend handy, grab your mirror.
  4. When you make your video record yourself at least 3 times. You’ll notice by the 3rd time it gets a lot easier. Do us a favor: Please start out by saying your name, where you’re from and “This is the Future I Want.” And it’s a good idea to end your video by repeating your main message in the last few seconds. End on a high note!
  5. Remember that the winner will be making their speech at Earth Summit in person — no slideshows or props. So though you might like to add creative touches to your video, these won’t determine the winner. It’s you, your powerful message and your vision for the future that counts.
  6. Lastly, make sure you share your entry far and wide! People can vote only once (our system detects multiple votes and may disqualify an entry if voter fraud is detected) so you need to get the most votes in order to get a finalist spot. Don’t be shy and ask your friends or groups on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to vote for you!
  7. Be sure to check out the official Rules & Regulations of the contest to make sure you understand all the details.

LEAD Fellowship for Young Africans!

LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) is a non-profit organisation that was created in the wake of the 1992 Rio Conference on Environment and Development. LEAD has got 13 Member Programmes in most regions around the world, including LEAD Francophone Africa, which is hosted by ENDA (Environment and Development in the Third-World). LEAD Africa (joint programme of the three African Member Programmes: LEAD Francophone Africa, LEAD Anglophone West Africa; and LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa) aims to promote a leadership for environment and sustainable development, through high-level training activities in Africa.

LEAD Africa, LEAD International and the Shell Foundation have entered into a partnership in order to set up and implement the LEAD Africa Fellowship Programme which aims to train, each year, close to 500 African leaders by 2015. For 2012, candidates will be selected in Chad, Malawi, Senegal and The Gambia.


The programme targets mid-career professionals (25 to 43 years) from Francophone or Anglophone African countries and living in Chad, Malawi, Senegal and The Gambia. They should hold a university degree with 2 years’ working experience, or 5 for non-University graduates and be working in the private (banks, industry, etc) or public (Civil and related services) sectors, civil society (NGOs, local authorities, socio-professional organisations etc), universities and research centres; intergovernmental bodies, and the media. They should furthermore have written and oral English language skills which allow them to fully participate in sessions, a good knowledge of social media, and a capacity to work with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team. They should be ready to help promote sustainable development within young Leaders’ associations and last and just as important, have a leadership potential and aspire to become an agent of change.


LEAD Africa gives you the opportunity to enhance your capacities and knowledge in terms of leadership and sustainable development, and of analysing and sorting out complex issues connected to the choice of environment and development alternatives. You will have the opportunity to build your skills around negotiation, communication, networking, social entrepreneurship and ethics to mention a few. Also important is the fact that you will have the chance to join a large international network of fellow young leaders.

Training will take place in situ (2 national sessions and one pan-African session of one week each, or 18 days) and by virtual means (online distance learning, teleconferencing, forums, etc.).The pan-African Session where associates are graduating will be held in Malawi for 2012.

An optional one week International Session follows the Pan African session is organized each year by LEAD International. This session is not included in the LAFP fees and will be charged separately.

The application form, which should be completed online, can be found on the website:, along with further details about the programme and testimonials.

The list of required documents (CV, Letter of agreement of the Employer, Motivation letter, copies of diploma and 3 letters of Reference) is also available online. The documents should be scanned, uploaded and sent to

Grants covering a percentage of the total training costs will be available for the 40 best candidates (Senegal) and 20 best candidates (The Gambia). The remainder will paid by personal means or by the candidate’s institution.

Female candidates and professionals from the private sector are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications for Senegal and The Gambia should be submitted no later than January 16 2012 at midnight.

For further details, contact us by mail at: 

Please note: only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews