Nigeria has a population of over 140 million people with young people comprising 60% of the population. Her unemployment rate hovers at 60% recorded between 1989 and 1993, until date the trend has been worsening; yet three million young people graduates from the school system into labour market annually. 70 percent of those unemployed are young people, Unemployment rates fluctuated between 11.9 percent and 18 percent between 1999 and 2000.
Annually, Over 200,000 Nigerians apply for American visa, majority of who are young people, 67 million Nigerians live in abject poverty – less than $1 per day (UNDP,2004), Majority of these Nigerians are young people whose unemployment is three times higher than among older adults.


The Afterschool Peer Mentoring Project is a social enterprise with the main objective of providing growth opportunities for young people to develop their self and career aspirations. Our priority is to assist young people set goals and walk them through the processes to the achievement of such goals.We seek to inspire, educate and engage graduates of secondary schools as well as out- of -school youths in Cross River State. This engagement comprises educating them in entrepreneurship and work preparatory classes to develop businesses in tour guiding, make up, tailoring/designing, journaling, photography and ICTs keying into the state tourism sector as well as innovating ideas to solve the world’s global climate challenges.

ASPMP is dedicated towards grooming the  leadership potentials of young people viz-a-viz aligning them to address the youth unemployment challenge in the country through  via entrepreneurship and enterprise development programmes.

Our Focus

Secondary School Graduands/Graduates

University Graduates

Out – of-  Schools Youths

With the falling standards of the career counseling in the schools, we are therefore taking these definitive years to assist young people detect and direct their  energies towards their passion, therefore building a career path and or as well developing  new skills.

The ASPMP is inspired by the Moremi Initiative 2010 fellowship conferred on Esther Eshiet.

  1. Congratulations Esther on the launching of this laudable initiative. I am confident that with your leadership, the necessary level of support from your community and partners, combined with the desire and determination of the targeted young people, this investment will yield immeasurable dividends for River State youth, the State and Naija as a whole. Investing in our younger generation is exactly what we should be doing today- if we are concerned about the future of our motherland. So big ups to you and your team and I wish you all the best. You have my full support.

  2. That is a good project.
    If i can do something to help as a volunteer, just ask me.
    I am living in Cameroon, Yaounde.
    Online UN Volunteer.

    I really like this project and it fit with m expectations.
    Good job, good idea.
    Good luck


    I am Awe Muideen Olalekan a member of GYCA, Youthrise Drug Free Club just wish to be a member of this group

  4. akintoye kamolideen adewale

    I am a member of GYCA, likewise a certified Peer Health Educator, am interested your program want to be a volunteer. Thanks

  5. Pls send me emails so that our idle youths can be successfully engaged. I want to identify with the ideals of this noble project for the youths.

  6. Thank you….that’s a very nice project.
    I am fresh graduate from Uganda and would
    love to be a member.

  7. Hello,

    This is Brilliant… Looking forward to more brilliant initiatives by Nigerian youths! The aim for me will be to inspire and empower others to give of themselves. Volunteering in Lagos will be an honour.

    Kind regards,

  8. I really like this website and will like to receive information in my email.

  9. Olukayode Olusope

    Great! Laudable!
    How can we help?

  10. Alebiosu Olukayode

    keep it up, i think we share things in common. I presently have books on career and examination success.

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