Apply! Fondation Ensemble Special Call for Proposal 2015

FEjpgApplication  Deadline: 2 February 2015

Foundation Ensemble invites organizations who, based on field work and experience, are addressing or aim to address the challenges of over exploitation of fisheries in Mozambique and also the effects of climate change in the sector. Fund will be disseminated to projects that aim at

  • Improving the sustainability of the artisanal fisheries by improving for the long term fisheries data collection on a wide scale (for instance at protected area and/or provincial level).
  • Reducing damaging and unsustainable fishing practices and improving fisheries management and enforcement around fishing methods, protected species, temporal and spatial closures such as sanctuaries, etc.
  • Advocating in a participatory manner (with other stakeholders such as NGO’s, academia and fishermen representatives,…), at provincial and national level, to improve the legal framework and it’s implementation; increasing and diversifying income of coastal communities, in particular fishermen families, by promoting sustainable income generating activities (IGR), related to fishing, or not. Ideally, these IGR will contribute to build local buy-in to marine conservation.

Eligibility Criteria for Fondation Ensemble Special Call for Proposal 2015

  • The geographical area covered may vary from a local (district) level to provincial level. It may be a protected area, or not.
  • The project will be seen as a pilot, but explicability and scaling up potential must be a priority, and built in within the approach from the beginning. Results and findings of this pilot phase will be decisive in refining the Foundation’s strategy and investments in this area.
  • Read the Eligibility Criteria for ‘Four Areas of Intervention’, all of them apply for the special call.
  • Project proposals, and if selected, project reporting will be solely in English (no French for this special initiative).

Note: Concept note format may be downloaded and submitted on our website under the “sustainable fisheries” focus sector.

For more information visit Here

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