Apply! International Development Youth Forum 2015

Deadline:  December 9,2014

Since 2013, international development youth forum is held annually and youth with high ambition for international development get together from all over the world.

Theme: “Design the future”- “Design Our Future”, which aims at creating a better future with people from both developed and developing countries together. People have different views about development depending on where they were born and raised up. We hope this conference contributes in establishing a mutual understanding and recognize development as a common challenge


1.Building continuous network among youth who are interested in international development

2. Providing opportunity that one can broaden one’s value, knowledge, and way of thinking

3. Creating outcome that produces new change to society

Cost & Scholarship Information

The organizers will decide your type of costs based on your application.

1. Fully-funded (covering Flight expense and Participation fee)
2. Exemption of Participation fee (covering Participation fee/Not Flight expense.)
3. No scholarship
※In this case, participants are required to pay the costs to come to the venue and participation fee: JPY 30,000  (USD 280 as of 1st November).
※Participation fee covers the costs of Foods and Dormitory during the forum but not the Optional tour.

Click here to apply


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