Apply! 10th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations

coeThe North South Centre of the Council of Europe is pleased to announce its 10th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations  will also provide an excellent space for strategic networking, finding partners  and promoting intercultural dialogue and learning; these dimensions will be encouraged  by the team of trainers.
The week-long course can accommodate up to 20 participants. Active participation and in-depth reflection are key features of the course. Participants will compare their approaches to youth work and youth participation, engaging in the implementation and  evaluation of the programme with the team of trainers. This Training Course is an opportunity given to youth leaders from Africa and Europe to share,  better understand and integrate the objectives set at the international level in their work and  contribute to their achievement. Some of these objectives (mentioned above) inscribed in the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, help enable youth to take an active part in these strategies at  the national and regional level and be further equipped to participate.

All candidates fulfilling the criteria and wanting to participate should send the enclosed  application form to by the 5th of November 23.59pm (GMT+1) 2014.


Concerning participants and their profile:
 should be a key multiplier playing an active role within a youth organisation, network
or service at national or regional level, and plan to continue this work in the near
 seeking gender balance;
 diverse social and geographical background (including disadvantaged and minority
 aged between 18 and 30;
 have already some qualification or experience in terms of international youth
 be committed to attend the full duration of the course and be supported by a
youth organisation or service;
 be able to present the context of their work, their way of tackling problems, the
challenges they meet;
 be able to work and communicate in English/French.

Support for Travel Expenses and Board and Lodging

The North-South Centre will do its best to issue a pre-paid ticket. In exceptional cases,  participants might advance the booking of the  international flight and reimbursement will be  done fully or in an agreed amount. Please do not proceed with any booking until  confirmation of selection and agreement regarding travel arrangements. Transfers from and to the airport in Nairobi will be assured by organisers.

It is expected that participants/background organisation support the expenses  related with local transport in the home country, as well as visa and necessary vaccination costs.A recommendation letter from the organisation clearly stating the added value and possible follow-up of the participation of the applicant in the training course should be sent  (scan version) in the same email of the application form. This letter should be signed and  stamped.

The application form and recommendation letter are necessary to consider the application eligible. The selection results will be announced by 24th November 2014

Application Deadline: November 5th 2014

Click here to download the application form

For more information,visit: Council of Europe


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