Call for Nominations: Young Men for Gender Equality (YM4GE) seeks African Ambassadors

ym4geDo you care about GENDER EQUALITY?

Are you a Young Leader?

Do you have what it takes to influence others to take action in your country?

Young Men for Gender Equality (YM4GE) is looking for Ambassadors from 54 African countries. Young leaders with a strong a record of accomplishment in areas related to gender equality and women’s empowerment are encouraged to apply.

YM4GE addresses how to empower women most effectively in the areas mentioned above. Given the global connectivity made possible by Twitter, Facebook, and other online social networking sites, the answer is obvious: use digital social media to spread the word and reach a lot of people. That is exactly how YM4GE is growing each and every day. With Ambassadors in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, YM4GE is poised to garner one billion impressions (equal to the number of young men worldwide) in one year through media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. To reach the goal of gender equality and equality in general, you need offer young people proper access to education.

 Send your nomination with a short biography of not more than 250 words to:

For more information,visit;


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