Call for Applications:2014 Vital Voices GROW Fellowship for women entrepreneurs

Photo: Attention women in the #MENA region: Vital Voices Global Partnership is currently accepting applicants for their 2014-2015 VV GROW Fellowship program, an innovative 1-year program that utilizes interactive online learning tools, in-person training, tailored technical assistance, and follow-on services to help WOMEN leading small-and medium-sized enterprises #SMEs grow! 

#MENA region applications due March 15!

Vital Voices identifies high potential yet underserved women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are on the cusp of growth as the “missing middle” in the global economy. Based on its experience with women business owners around the world, Vital Voices has launched the VV GROW Fellowship Program, a one-year competitive program to support growth-oriented women business owners to take their businesses and leadership to the next level. The program supports women-owned enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa, to set and achieve business growth goals with a unique blend of online learning, in-person training, and tailored support services.

VV GROW Fellows will gain knowledge and skills in the following topics:

  • Business Planning

Guides participants in validating their business growth goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals. By the end of the workshop, participants will have an actionable 3-5 year plan for business growth.

  • Leadership Training

Utilizes the Vital Voices Leadership Model to instill methods of building leadership skills to positively impact their business, employees and wider community.

  • Executive Financial Management

Equips participants with the skills and knowledge to analyze, manage, and supervise the finances of their business.

  • Networking for Business Professionals

Guides participants to create their personal brand and “elevator pitch” to promote their business and successfully utilize new connections.

  • Understanding Your Market

Guides participants in identifying key market opportunities such as expanding existing markets and accessing new ones.

The one-year program timeline consists of 4 components: 

  • A  competitive participant selection process and business needs assessment
  • Online preparatory sessions with Harvard Manage Mentor and Vital Voices advisors before the training, that guide program participants in drafting a business plan that they will refine throughout the training
  • A 4-day, in-person regional training
  • An opportunity to access follow-on services such as technical advising, webinars featuring technical experts, business to business opportunities, mentors, and small grants

Implemented at the regional level, the program is localized to ensure that the program is applicable to women business owners and the business environments in which they operate.

Who can apply?

Vital Voices is seeking applications from women business owners from Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa,who:

  • Own a businesses that has been in operation for at least 3 years,
  • Employ at least 3 staff (including temporary and/or seasonal workers), and
  • Generate at least USD $40,000 in annual sales

As an interested applicant, you:

  • Are motivated to build the skills and make the changes needed to grow your business,
  • Are excited to participate in a one year program including on-line and in-person training and access to business growth opportunities, and
  • Recognize the value of and participate in the tracking of the growth of your business for up to 3 years through methods such as surveys, calls, or additional opportunities.

Deadline: March 15th 2014.

 For more information:visit, Vital Voices


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