Call for applications:U.S. Department of State grants on International Sports Programming Initiative



Programme objectives
Public and private non-profit organisations may submit proposals for exchange projects designed to reach underserved youth and/or their coaches/sport administrators who manage youth sport programmes. These exchanges between the United States and select countries will be either reciprocal or one-way, and will employ sport to address specific themes. Eligible themes are: sport and social change, sport and health and sport and disability.

The SportsUnited: International Sports Programming Initiative uses sport to help underserved youth around the world develop important leadership skills, achieve academic success, promote tolerance and respect for diversity. The focus of all programmes must be on both male and female youth ages 7-17 and/or their coaches/sport administrators. Programmes designed to train elite athletes or coaches are ineligible.

Eligible countries

Africa: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia (one-way exchange in Ethiopia), Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania

East Asia and the Pacific: Australia (Northern Territories focused on aboriginal populations), Burma, Peoples Republic of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand

Europe and Eurasia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Kosovo, Russia and Turkey

Near East and North Africa: Algeria, Israel, Jordan and West Bank/Gaza

South and Central Asia
: India, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Western Hemisphere
: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela


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