Call for Applications: African Journalists needed for AFRICA VOICES TV project

African journalists meet in Cairo

African Voices (A.V.)  is an International news network founded on January  2010 in Torin – Italy, with the objective to gives voices to those who live and work in Africa, and to courage Africans to speak about their Countries by creating real-time communication between them and the world.

A.V. is seeking qualified journalist and reporter from Africa desiring to collaborate in a progressive &rewarding work environment  in order to create a website of video information “AFRICA VOICES TV” to offer to worldwide public  video information about the Continent made by African Journalist

The ideal candidate adhere to AFRICAN VOICES philosophy free of racial, politics, sexual and religious prejudices, in full respect with Human Rights and have the following skills and Qualifications

Have a postgraduate degree in Journalism and Communication.

At least 2 years of experiences as journalist in African Newspapers or the equivalent in radio and TV news broadcast  (local or national) or to have at least 2 years of experiences as journalist in a African Blog with relevant number of  visitors.

African Nationality.

Experienced in report news in professional and impartial way.

Have a vast knowledge of Human Rights, Gender, history and actual situation of Country of Origin or Residence, labor,  policy and youth issues.

Ability to manage an independent collaboration with Africa Voices Head Quarter in Turin.

Preferably previous experiences in TV journalism.

Closing Dateline of February 25th2014

Membership or sharing of Nazi, racial superiority or genocidal ideologies will be grounds for exclusion during the selection process of candidates or unilateral termination of the cooperation with African Voices

Send Application with Motivation Letter, CV, 01 photo, copy of study certificate and three references  by email to: Mr. Marco Pugliese African Voices Human Resources Department

For more information,visit: African Voices


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