Call for delegate registrations:Children as Actors Transforming Society international conference (CATS)

image005The Child-to-Child Trust warmly invites you to participate in the second edition of the international conference on children’s participation: CATS (Children as Actors Transforming Society). It will take place at the Caux Palace, Lake Geneva, Switzerland from 26th July – 1st August. The theme of this year’s conference is Young Advocates for Change. 
CATS is being co-organised by Initiatives of Change, the Child to Child Trust and Universal Education Foundation who are working in partnership with children and young people, to design and deliver this year’s conference.

The conference programme is still being finalised but will comprise of keynote speakers and morning panels involving children, young people and adults; and various workshop options, including one on Child-to-Child. The purpose of these workshops (some of which will be co-run by young people and adults) is to strengthen skills, knowledge and values to enhance children and young people’s role as activists and advocates.

We would be delighted if you were able to attend CATS, ideally with a delegation of children and young people who are actively involved in advocacy. There will be significant opportunities for your organisation and the children and young people with which it partners, to showcase the advocacy work they are involved with, including presenting during plenary sessions, co-facilitating group discussions and other options.   
Please see below for more information on CATS. For further information about Caux, please go to:

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Tricia Young at

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