Call for applications: World Bank Course on Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility



This course offers ways to address and better understand the basic concepts underlying competitiveness and corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is explored from the firm and nation state perspective, allowing for a consideration of the relative responsibilities and challenges of both the private and public sectors.

As a response to the recent global financial crisis, recession, and shifts in political and economic power across countries, governments and the private sector are rethinking the strategy behind their development and growth policies. The result is that countries and businesses are exploring ways to grow and sustain their level of productivity given extant resources. Improved competitiveness at the national, sub-national, and corporate level is seen as a key priority. At the same time, a growing number of countries and companies recognize the development and business benefits of socially and environmentally responsible policies and practices. Emerging evidence supports the idea that developing a long-term corporate strategy based on integrity and social values offers both business benefits to corporations and positive contributions to society.

The World Bank Institute offers the ‚ÄúCompetitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibilities” course to explore both conventional and innovative policies, strategies, and actions associated with CSR. Course material offers theory and evidence that can help policymakers and business and civil society executives, through focused and systematic corporate social responsibility interventions, to positively influence national and corporate competitiveness. Also included are the complex dilemmas facing the private and public sectors as they increasingly represent multiple interests and a host of old and new stakeholders. The objective of this learning program is to provide participants with cutting edge perspectives, frameworks, and ideas on how a country or a firm can create and sustain a competitive advantage when demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Dates: February 03, 2014 – February 28, 2014

Target Audience: Government officials; policymakers; business, development organizations, donor agencies, and civil society executives; and educator

Application deadline:January 27, 2014

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For more information: Visit: World Bank Institute


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