Register: “The Age of Sustainable Development” Course by Jeffrey Sachs

jeffreyEarth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs will launch a free, global, online course next week titled “The Age of Sustainable Development.” The course aims to spread to an international audience a broader understanding of the need for economic development that is socially inclusive and also protects the environment.

The 14-week, university-level course begins on Jan. 21 and will run through the spring. It is being offered through Coursera, a company that works with universities to make free courses available online. (Those interested in joining the course can register here.) The course is open to anyone interested in the field of sustainable development, including students and development professionals working in government, corporations and non-profit organizations.

The course will be part of a more general education program of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), an initiative launched by the UN secretary-general to mobilize scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society and the private sector to support problem-solving for sustainable development. Sachs directs the SDSN.

“As a method of helping to save the world, sustainable development encourages a holistic approach to human well-being, one that includes economic progress, strong social bonds, and environmental sustainability,” Sachs said in an oped piece published on the website Project Syndicate. “The challenges are becoming more urgent as the large and rapidly growing world economy causes massive environmental destruction, and as new technologies demand new skills.”

The course is designed as an advanced undergraduate-level introduction to the most challenging question facing our generation: how the world economy can evolve in ways that are socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. The course discusses the history of economic development, patterns of growth, poverty in its different forms, health and education, and the links with food systems, climate change, and managing our ecosystems.

Thousands of individual students from around the world have signed up for the course, and many universities are offering entire courses of their own based on “The Age of Sustainable Development.”

For more information about the course, visit


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