Apply! Women’s Networking Zone for AIDS2014 seeks Advisory Group members

The Womens Networking Zone (WNZ) for AIDS2014  are seeking
your nominations for young women to form a Young Womens Steering Group for
our project, Claiming our Future. Claiming our Future was funded by UNAIDS
to implement full and meaningful engagement, inclusion and maximum
participation of young women in the Womens Networking Zone.

What is AIDS2014?*

The 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) is being held in
Melbourne, from 20  25th of July 2014.  The conference represents a
gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers,
persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the
pandemic. It is a chance to assess where we are, evaluate recent scientific
developments and lessons learnt, and collectively chart a course forward.

AIDS 2014 is expected to convene over 14,000 delegates from nearly 200
countries, including 1,200 journalists. The International AIDS Society, the
world’s leading independent association of HIV professionals, with more
than 16,000 members in 194 countries, is organizing AIDS 2014 in
collaboration with international and local partners.
For more information go to

*What is the Womens Networking Zone?*

Building on over a decade of collaboration between HIV and gender groups at
International AIDS Conferences (IACs), the Womens Networking Zone (WNZ) is
a community-led forum running parallel to the IAC.

The WNZ has grown into a vibrant, inclusive, and exciting space where
community members, advocates, policy-analysts, decision-makers, service
providers, and researchers share and learn. The WNZ promotes dialogue,
forges new networks, raises the visibility of HIV, champions the leadership
of women living with HIV (in particular young women and women from the
local community), and promotes the global exchange of experiences,
abilities, and knowledge.

The WNZ runs a full program of workshops, critical dialogues, strategy
sessions, and performance art. We aim to be the heart of womens rights
organizing and movement building at AIDS2014 and beyond.

*What is Claiming our Future?*

The Claiming our Future project aims to prepare for full and meaningful
engagement, inclusion and maximum participation of young women in the
Womens Networking Zone 2014 and the Womens Program at the International
AIDS Conference 2014 and beyond.

The project will develop and facilitate intergenerational sharing during
the planning process for the Womens Networking Zone at AIDS2014. .The
outcomes of this project will mean that young women living with HIV are
poised and supported to take on active roles in the ongoing advocacy of
their key issues for AIDS2014 and beyond. The lessons learned and
information gathered  will be critical to ensuring the production of a
welcoming, empowering, energizing and supportive Womens Networking Zone
owned by and for young women.

The project is implemented by Women of Asia Pacific Plus (WAP+) who are an
autonomous network working under the umbrella of and supported by the Asia
Pacific Network of People living with HIV (APN+). The financial
contribution of UNAIDS towards this project is gratefully acknowledged.

*How does Claiming our Future and Young Women work with the Womens
Networking Zone?*

The Melbourne planning group for Womens Networking Zone formed at the end
of 2012.  Over 20 women are involved, coming from a diversity of
backgrounds and experience in the health, HIV and community sectors and/or
are living with HIV.  The planning group works in collaboration with
regional and global partners to assist in the development of the Womens
Program and the WNZ at AIDS 2014.

*Claiming our future project information*

The successful candidates will sit on the young womens advisory committee
and offer strategic guidance to the members of the WNZ working group. In
addition, they will be integrated into the WNZ planning groups, namely
logistics, communications, fundraising, advocacy, volunteer management and
monitoring and evaluation.

*The benefits*

This is a volunteer position although a small amount of support will be
offered. Some young women may be eligible to receive scholarship funding to
attend AIDS2014. This however is not guaranteed.

*Selection process*

Each potential candidate should fill in our short survey by Monday 28th
October 2013

The candidates will be selected by the members of the WNZ working group
with priority given to key populations and ensuring regional variation.

All applicants will be notified on email on Wednesday 30th October 2013.

Selection criteria

·        Enthusiastic and committed young women aged up to 30 years

·        Young women who identify with a key affected population
(transgender and intersex people, migrants and refugees, women prisoners
and female partners of male prisoners, women who have sex with women, sex
workers, women who use drugs and female partners of men who use drugs) are
strongly encouraged to apply

·        Fluency in English, with knowledge of other languages desirable

·        Access to a computer and the internet, access to a phone

·        Ability to dedicate several hours a month from October 2013 with
hours increasing in the lead up to AIDS2014 in July 2014.

·        Commitment to sexual rights as human rights

·        Skills relevant to the WNZ, and the willingness to learn new
things and share skills with others


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