Call for Applications: GYCA Regional Focal Point Positions

gyca logoThe Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) is glad to announce that applications are open for Regional Focal Points for 2012-2014 term. Selected RFPs would serve a two year term. The second year of the first term would be based on a performance review by staff of GYCA.
We are taking applications for the following regions:

1. Eastern Europe and Central Asia

2. Middle East and North Africa

3. West Africa

4. Central Africa

5. East Africa

6. Southern Africa

7. South Asia

8. Asia Pacific

9. Latin America

10.North America

11. Western Europe

Completed applications should be sent to no later than *Thursday 31st January 2012 5pm ET (New York Time). *Due to the numbers of application, we are unable to respond to all enquiries.

GYCA is a program of the Public Health Institute (PHI). GYCA is a youth-led network of more than 7,000 young leaders and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AIDS in over 170 countries worldwide. Its North Secretariat is based in New York, and its South Secretariat is based in Accra, Ghana. GYCA recognizes the potential of young leaders as the best force to address HIV and AIDS in their own communities, and empowers them with the knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities they need to scale up their initiatives.  Three main areas of focus guide GYCA’s work: networking and sharing of best practices; technical assistance and capacity building; and political advocacy.

GYCA seeks to improve HIV and AIDS policies and programming geared toward young people by facilitating the inclusion of skilled young leaders in decision-making that affects our lives. For example, GYCA has coordinated the inclusion of young leaders on government delegations through which they have addressed the UN General Assembly and dialogued directly with Ministers of Health and Education. GYCA has secured prominent advocacy opportunities for powerful young leaders affected and infected with HIV, such as the opening ceremony and plenary sessions at International AIDS Conferences. GYCA also connects young people to positions in their countries from which they can affect great change, such as employment with National AIDS Control Organizations, heading NGOs and designing effective prevention and outreach programs.

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