Call for participation:Youth CSO Code of Conduct Project

IRI is supporting a process to help actualize a Youth CSO Code of Conduct to serve as a strong youth made regulatory tool with mutually accepted standards and redress mechanisms recognized by government for the  improved operations, professionalism and cooperation of youth groups in promotion of youth development, peace, good governance, development and democratic sustainability in Nigeria.

You may also recall that I had earlier forwarded the report of a strategy meeting held in Enugu on the subject matter to you. Please find a questionnaire on the subject attached for your feedback. Since the committee set up at the Enugu meeting had already started circulating the questionnaires you don’t need to fill another one if you have already done that, otherwise, please fill it and submit to or if you haven’t done so. Furthermore, feel free to circulate as widely as possible to other young people and youth organizations. The questionnaire is pretty straightforward, so we will be expecting feedback between now and Wednesday from those who haven’t filled it. Groups who have widely circulated the questionnaire should also try to collect filled ones for return to the forwarded e-mail addresses.

Expected Outcome:


The outcomes expected from this process include


·         Strengthening internal democracy within Youth CSOs

·         Reducing the possibility of fractionalization within youth CSOs

·         Improving the reputations and levels of acceptance by other stakeholders towards youth CSOs

·         Increasing networking and collaboration amongst youth CSOs

·         Curtailing the duplication of efforts of youth CSO’s

·         The Code of conduct will help limit misconduct in the running of youth CSO’s

·         Laying the foundation for  youth groups to formally register and attain legal status  for easier identification and increased privileges


Ratification Workshop


The collation of the inputs of youth organizations which has been on-going for some time now is expected to culminate in a Ratification Workshop where a critical mass of youth organizations across the country will sit over the collated views sent in to come out with a final document after a clause by clause consideration of inputs.


Public Presentation

The document will be presented to the public shortly after the ratification workshop.

Feel free to call Emmanuel Acha on 08033751328 or Bem Aga on 08032484508 for questions or comments

To participate in this process;download the YOUTH CSO CODE OF CONDUCT QUESTIONNAIRE now!


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