Call for Applications:Youth Workshop on MDGs 5!

Women Deliver and Partners in Population and Development will hold a targeted consultation in 2012, to gather regional perspectives on MDG 5 and the post-2015 development framework. At this invitation-only consultation, to be held Kampala, Uganda, participants will discuss regional progress and the challenges at hand in achieving MDG 5. It will also call for action in prioritizing maternal and newborn health and sexual and reproductive health among the global development goals.

Youth Workshop on MDG 5 and post-2015 Development Frameworks

March 25th – 28th, Kampala, Uganda


The consultations will include a youth workshop comprised of 15 to 20 young advocates, which will center on three activities: advocacy, messaging, and media training. These workshops will inform youth advocates about key issues in maternal health and sexual and reproductive health, including a discussion of the future development framework after the expiration of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The outcomes of these workshops will be incorporated into youth activities at the Women Deliver 2013 global conference.

Women Deliver is committed to making our Regional Consultations accessible to young leaders. To do so, we will offer full conference scholarships, including travel and accommodations, to selected candidates that meet the following criteria:



  • Under the age of 30
  • Able to speak & understand English
  • A citizen of a sub-Saharan African country
  • Willing and able to share lessons upon return
  • Motivated & committed to contributing to meetings
  • Able to travel from March 25th to March 29th, 2012
  • Available for the duration of consultation
  • Access internet regularly
  • Able to engage in post-consultation activities including:
    • o Writing guest blog posts for the Women Deliver website
    • o Joining the WD2013 Youth Working Group, if invited
    • o Disseminating knowledge gained from the consultation

Scholarship recipients will be notified via email no later than February 15, 2012. If a scholarship recipient cannot accept the award, they are required to notify the consultation planner as soon as possible. Scholarships are NOT transferable. Applicant must be present during the entire period of the consultation.

Scholarships will cover: Consultation registration, round-trip travel, visa fees, hotel stay, and a stipend for incidentals and meals. (For travel reimbursement, please maintain actual and valid receipts of all transactions including visa fees, taxi rides, etc.).

The primary language of the consultation is Spanish for the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Consultation, and English for the Africa and Asia Consultations. Translation (English for LAC Consultation, French for Africa Consultation) will be available for the plenary sessions. 



  • Be under the age of 30
  • Work in the health and development field, with a focus on Maternal Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS and/or Gender Equality, professionally, scholastically, or on a volunteer basis.
  • Possess a basic understanding of international frameworks such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and/or the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for this scholarship, Women Deliver must receive your completed application online on or before the deadline of January 25, 2012. Applications are to be submitted to

Download  form>>> Women Deliver Application Form


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  1. I will like to attend the conference.

  2. i will like to attend the conference as an mdg’s support advocate
    Dike Blessing

  3. I will like to attend the conference.

  4. where can I access the application?

  5. oteyolanu olufemi

    I would be honoured to attend the conference. Pls can i get more details. Thank you.

  6. I will like to attend the Conference but how do I acess the application form?

  7. It will be a great honour and priviledge to attend the workshop but how do I get access to the application form.?
    Thank you.

  8. how can we get the application forms?

    thank you

  9. I am an Executive youth volunteer of Global Unification-The Gambia, a youth-led development association that focuses on youth empowerment and community.Am the head of gender and women rights development, I will be grateful if I can have access to the online application form.

    Thanks regard to all.

  10. Similoluwa Olusola

    Please how can I access the application form. Thanks.

  11. boniface oguche

    I’m the social and logistics coordinator, OROL Youth Empowerment initiative, a youth-lead NGO in Nigeria that educate young people on sexual and reproductive health issues, HIV/AIDS issues and it encompasses human rights, leadership skills and empowerment.
    T’ll be a good opportunity for increasing knowledge-base of youths interested in HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health issues and human right.
    kudos to ASMP

  12. As an associoation for solidarity, health and Social Assistance in Burundi (ASASS-BURUNDI) representative, working on toward the achievement of MDGs and with young women, it would be more than great to represent Burundi and youth in this conference. Can you please send me application via my email?

    With regards and together will make it.

  13. As a not profit Association for Solidarity, Health and Social Assistance (ASASS-BURUNDI), working to achieve the MDGs by youth for women and children, It would be more than great to represent Burundi and youth. Can you please send us application via email? Regards.

  14. Abodunrin Adeola Atinuke

    Thanks. I would also like to attend the conference but how do I access the application form please?
    Abodunrin Adeola Atinuke,
    HEDA REsource Centre

  15. I hope to be among those attending the confrence.

  16. Please how can I get the application form?


  17. I am from Ghana and working with you.Love to attend

  18. Am willingto attend how do I access the application form. Thank you

  19. Sangotokun Olukunle Johnson

    I am a youth development worker with part of my activities revolving around reproductive health as it relates to the MDGs. I would be glad to attend this confrence as it would help me improve myself in terms of service to human health.pls how do I access the form?I would appreciate if it can be sent to my mail.thanks

  20. Augustina Onyieche Salami

    I am a youth in Nigeria with vast knowledge and experience in development work. I will like to attend the conference.I will be glad if you can email the form to me or tell me how i can access it.Thank you.

  21. Valens Ntamushobora

    From Rwanda, where is the form ?

  22. Hi There!
    I would love to attaned this consultative meeting representing young people from Namibia. Kindly inform us on when the application will be online

  23. I am Young rwandan.where is the form?

  24. I am the Program Coordinator of Healthcare Volunteer Uganda (HVU) a registered not-for-profit charity based in the rural districts of Mubende and Kassanda in Central Uganda, targeting Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and women living with HIV/AIDS. HVU provides comprehensive services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). In addition to Volunteering programs, health services, health education, and HIV/AIDS sensitization, HVU increases the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children, especially girls, to attend and excel in school. The focus of HVU’s program is on orphans and vulnerable children and Women. One of the greatest effects of the AIDS pandemic is the impact on psychological and mental health of children who have lost their parents under traumatic circumstances.

    Our development goal is to promote both the education and health of the most vulnerable populations, especially orphans and vulnerable children, who have experienced the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.
    I am 30 yrs and i would like to attend the conference. How can i access the application form?
    Thank you.

  25. I would like to attend the conference how can get the application form.

  26. i will like to attend the conference as an mdg’s advocate and a development knowledge facilitator.

  27. Dear All,kindly provide your e-mails below.You will be sent a group invitation upon accepting that invitation you will be able to download the form.All e-mails should be send to

  28. Agukwe Lilian A.

    Id like to attend

  29. maureen wangechi nderitu

    I would really like to attend the confrence

  30. Could you please send the invitation to this email address:

  31. i would like to attend the confrence

  32. Benard Ochieng Sigunga

    Am a Kenyan citizen and i would like to attend the conference. I work for an organization that provides care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS based in Kisumu. Am in charge of running a club and support group for children and adolescent who are on care and hope this conference will be of much help in my line of duty.So kindly assist me to access the application form and or procedure.Thank you in advance.

  33. I am interested in the workshop. my emails address is

  34. andrianaivosoa landy

    i would like to receive an invitaton for this workshop too. Please send me an invitation to this mail address:

  35. I am a volunteer youth advocate and peer educator in a community based organisation called Youth Outreach Programme (YOP), Cameroon. I inform, educate and sensitize young people in a weekly radio program called “Youth Drive”.Youth Drive is an educative initiative that brings issues of prime concern to youths so that they should make informed decisions , avoid risky behaviors and join in the fight against poverty, HIV/AIDS and related issues. Our past editions have been on presidential election in Cameroon, climate change and the 8 millennium development goals.Editions on MDGs were very sensitive because we realised that many youths were not awared of them and thus, we needed effective and efficient communication strategies and about 3months to educate them on each goal.
    Taking part on this workshop will boost and foster my capacity as a peer educator and youth advocate who has to be a role model to better train and educate young people of my community who are the leaders of tomorrow.
    Can you please send me a form to my email?

  36. My name is Taziwa K Machiwana.I am the Coordinator of a grassroots youth organisation called Youth Dialogue Zimbabwe-YDZ.Youth Dialogue Zimbabwe (YDZ) is a youth based civil society organization established in December 2007 to facilitate Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) knowledge and information sharing amongst rural youths through dialogue.YDZ works with youths based in mostly rural communities of Manicaland Province. Its overarching aim is to work towards the establishment of a healthy and empowered rural youth citizenry participating towards the attainment of national, regional and international development milestones.

    I,d be delighted to attend the workshop.please send me the application form

  37. Krah Kouadio Modeste

    i would like to attend the workshop. can i have the application form please.

    my email:

    KRAH K. Modeste

  38. I am S. Aaron Weah-Weah, III
    Program Associate
    NAYMOTE-Partner for Democratic Development

    I would to attend the event to learn and share my own experience back here in Liberia.

  39. Aladejare Adeyinka

    I am interested in attending this consultation. Please send me an invitation via this e-mail :

  40. I am S. Aaron Weah-Weah, III, Program Associate, NAYMOTE. My email address is

  41. Thanks for the great information youths are a resource when they reason and work together and this is a great thing that will benefit many young people like me. i could like to really attend the conference and share,network and from other young people.

  42. I am Alice Machichi, Program Officer , Society for Women and AIDs in Africa – Kenya (SWAA-Kenya) . My email address is Please send me the application form as I would love to attend.

  43. I am Mercyline Adhiambo, Communication and Advocacy Officer at the Institute of Health Policy Management and Research in Kenya. Maternal and Reproductive Health are our key areas of focus and thus an opportunity to attend the workshop will highly be appreciated. Please send me the application form via

  44. AYCAH-Sierra Leone would like one of our female staff to attend the up coming workshop. It is very paramount to our work in Sierra Leone as a post conflict country.

  45. Abdulrashid Inuwa

    Iam very intersted in your youth workshop

  46. Amb. Peter Emmanuel Nkemakolam

    Please inbox me the link for the online registration for this conference

  47. Iam Gloria ,I would be honoured to attend the conference where is the form plz.

  48. I would be honoured to attend the conference.

  49. NGUEPI NDONGO Donald

    I am Donald NGUEPI,I would be honoured to attend the conference.

  50. Please send me the form on this address


    I am Eunice Atieno Ojallah and i would like to attend your workshop.

  52. i am interestd in this and i would like to attend .how can i access the aplication form

  53. i am interested in this and how can i access the application form

  54. Dear All,kindly provide your e-mails below.You will be sent a group invitation upon accepting that invitation you will be able to download the form.All e-mails should be send to

  55. i would love 2 attend

  56. razanadarafara mamy reine

    would like to receive the application form. Please send this to my mail

  57. Thanks for this great opportunity.My e-mail address is

  58. Dear All,join the Afterschool E-mail linkserve to download the form.Link?

  59. Shalom.

    l will be very greatful if the application form is mail to me, as an NGO Youth organisation named.;- Initiative for youth foundation international.


    Aguda Gbenga Peter.


  60. Hi,

    You can now download the form on the bottom of the article.Just click on the highlighted part after >>>

  61. Young leaders from Tunisia are not eligible to participate in this workshop?

  62. I will like to attend the conference

  63. i will like to attend

  64. Dear all,

    I Rwandan aged of 25 ,working with MESSORWA ( Mouvement des étudiants au service social au Rwnada ) as the general secretary this movement currently works with students in universties, high schools, for the well being of the communinty by doing differents activities like educating yougth how to prevent the HIV/SIDA … . we visit and helps peoples whoare sick in different ways……
    I realy wish attend the conference but i Still miss the application form
    can you please help me to get it?

    thank you in Advance

  65. Hi Diane,

    If i was the one selecting participants i would first select you to participate in the conference – because you are from sub saharan Africa and secondly you work with groups and sections of people the workshop do target. Let me wish you the best of luck.


  66. I would like to attend the conference.

  67. Dorothy Elorm Homawoo

    I would be very honoured to be part of this amazing programme.

  68. Regarding the notification on MDGs5, I am a south Sudanese age 21 yrs old and meet the requirement to participate in MDGs5. I do here respond as an applicant to present my country South Sudan and to contributes in regional progress and the challenges at hand in achieving MDG 5 with regards to my country.

    Looking forwards to hearing positive reply

    Miss Malaika 2011/2012

    South Sudan

  69. Greetings to you all. I am happy that many young leaders have shown interest in attending the workshop/consultation but there is great need to make them understand what women deliver meant by MDG5 and Saharan Africa. If all that is clear then, everything will go on well.

  70. hi, an Anne, please how can i access the form, it is important i attend this. thank you

  71. please i need to locate the form. thank you

  72. Partricia kyomugisha

    I would like to attend, please. This is the way to go. I love the concept.

  73. Hi Colleagues, please the deadline for submitting the application for scholarship is for today. Don’t miss this opportunity. I wish you the best of luck.

  74. I have applied already, i am just waiting your consideration……
    Thank you in advance.

  75. Claire Biribawa

    I badly want to be a part of this.

  76. Yes could be selected if you meet the criteria. Do you fall into the category of people they listed above? If yes, just pray.

  77. Shameka Chaffee

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