Techical Adviser Vacancy:Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Technical Adviser, Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Federal Ministry of Youth Development

Reference: G/CWG/0413
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Duration: 2 Years
Closing Date: 15 Jul 2011

Nature of Project: Advisory
Start Date: On or before 15 September 2011
Responsible To: Permanent Secretary, Nigeria Federal Ministry of Youth Development

1. Background

The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has requested for technical support from the Commonwealth Secretariat in the strengthening of the Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme (NYEDP). The main goal of the programme is to expand youth employment creation through youth entrepreneurship, micro-credit, agro-allied and vocational skills acquisition.


The NYEDP is designed as an intervention strategy to provide opportunities for youth to gain experience and enhance their capacities in three major areas which have been identified as forces that limit the potential of Nigerian youth in the labour market. These include; lack of adequate skills, lack of requisite experience and lack of access to finance for youth entrepreneurs. The programme has been designed with three components, namely; Skills Acquisition Training, Apprenticeship Programme and Micro-Credit segment. Youth who participate in all levels of the programme would be better prepared to face the challenges of the job market because they would be equipped with skills and experience and will have the option of available finance for self employment.


The government has further identified the Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative (CYCI) model as a framework worth replicating and adapting for this programme. The CYCI model was developed by the Secretariat’s Youth Affairs Division in conjunction with host governments to address issues of youth unemployment and poverty. The model emphasises a collaborative arrangement among key stakeholders.


It comprises of a tripartite arrangement involving the Government, an implementing partner institution and the Commonwealth Secretariat to create an integrated framework for youth employment through enterprise creation, training and capacity building for the youth and other key stakeholders with the aim of creating and expanding income generating activities and creating youth employment. The overall objective of CYCI is to promote youth employment and alleviate poverty among the young people of the host country.

2. Programme Goal and Beneficiaries

The goal of the NYEDP is to provide gainful employment for Nigerian youth. The programme will benefit about 10,000 Nigerian Youth aged 18-35years, schooled and out of school, irrespective of gender.

3. Programme Components

The programme is envisaged to have three broad components:

  • Training in vocational, agro-allied and entrepreneurship skills
  • Youth Apprenticeship Programme (YAP)
  • Youth Micro-Credit Initiative (YMCI)


Component I: Training in Vocational, Agro-allied and Entrepreneurship Skills:

This component is designed to provide youth with the opportunity to acquire skills that will generate employment and reduce poverty. Training will focus on vocational and agro-allied skills. All trainees will receive entrepreneurship training as part of this component. Training will be conducted in six pilot youth development centres in the country, for at least 3-6 months duration. By the year 2013, 10,000 youth would have been provided with vocational, agro-allied and entrepreneurship skills.

2,500 youth would be trained in year 1 (2011/12), 4,000 in Year 2 and 3,500 in Year 3, in the following areas:

    • Vocational skill training in: Fabrication of farm tools, Confectionaries, Leather work : shoes, bags, belts, bead, hat , soap and perfume production
    • Agro-allied Training: Fish farming, grass-cutter rearing, snail rearing, processing of farm produce, poultry, and production of feeds for: fish, poultry, sheep and goat.
    • Entrepreneurship Training.


Component 2: Youth Apprenticeship Programme (YAP):

The Youth Apprenticeship Programme is designed to promote employment creation for the youth by facilitating their placement in established agricultural and vocational settings, such as industries, commercial agricultural farms, and various Fabrication and Production Training Centres in diversified skills across the country, for a minimum of 3 months, in order for them to gain valuable work experience.


The purpose of this component is to provide the youth with opportunities to acquire practical skills, and obtain valuable work experience in established work settings. This will reduce the twin problems of lack of adequate skills and lack of work experience, which put them at a disadvantage in comparison with job seekers outside the youth age bracket. The main Beneficiaries: Skilled Youth graduating from the Training components of this Programme. By the year 2013, at least 60% of the trained youth would have participated in the Apprenticeship Programme.


Component 3: The Youth Micro Credit Initiative (YMCI)

The Youth Micro-Credit Initiative (YMCI), which will be a revolving credit scheme, is an intervention strategy of the Ministry to provide 1st cycle loans for youth to start up their businesses. After repayment, the youth entrepreneurs will be linked to the Nigerian Youth Development Fund. (There are presently ongoing efforts to establish a National Youth Development Fund by the government).


The purpose of this component is to provide access to finance which is a major challenge for young people who are willing to become entrepreneurs. The component is designed to provide youth with the opportunity to access loans with less stringent conditions than what obtains in commercial financial institutions.


The main beneficiaries will be skilled youth who have undergone the Entrepreneurship training and Apprenticeship components of the programme. At least 60% of the trained youth would have received loans from the Micro-Credit Scheme: Loans will preferably be in group delivery between a range of N50,000:00 to N75,000:00 for the 1st loan cycle: (a total of 3.2milion dollars would be required for the first cycle of loans).


    • By the year 2013, 10,000 youth would have been provided with vocational, agro-allied and entrepreneurship skills.
    • By the year 2013, trainees would have participated in apprenticeship programme
    • At least 60% of trained youth would have received loans from the Micro-Credit Scheme from the Ministry’s budgetary allocation (N500m for first cycle loans) and later from the Nigerian Youth Development Fund.

4. Tasks to be performed by the Adviser during the two year assignment

The main tasks to be taken by the Technical Adviser include:

  • Conduct a Situation and Needs Assessment. Collect and collate relevant data on youth employment and youth entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
  • Support the creation of an inventory of existing youth entrepreneurship development programmes in Nigeria.
  • Review the programme concepts developed by the Federal Ministry of Youth Development for creating youth employment.
  • Advice on how to better utilize the capacities in the Department of Enterprise Development and Promotion.
  • Present the CYCI model and alternative models, and suggest possible adaptations for achieving the desired targets set by the Federal Ministry of Youth Development for creating youth employment in Nigeria.
  • Facilitate the establishment of an appropriate institutional framework that links all stakeholders in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
  • Build the capacity of counterpart, programme team members and other stakeholders in the institutional framework to enable planning, implementation, and M&E of the programme.
  • Assist in the development of appropriate planning, implementation, and M&E tools for the Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
  • Liaise with the Commonwealth Secretariat on the provision of further technical assistance for the piloting of the Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
  • Provide technical support in the setting up the Nigerian Youth Development Fund.

5. Supervision and Reporting

While in post, the Technical Adviser will work with the a counterpart and other Desk Officers in the Ministry, designated by the Director, Enterprise Development and Promotion Department of the Federal Ministry of Youth Development and report to the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Youth Development. The Technical Adviser will be expected to Develop and agree on a work plan and time frame for completion of assignment on inception. The Commonwealth Secretariat, Governance and Institutional Development Division (GIDD) Technical Co-operation and Strategic Response Adviser will be the Project Manager, a designated CYP/YAD Africa Regional Centre Programme Manager will provide additional technical support and monitor the project. The Technical Adviser will prepare an inception report after two months and periodic project reports for submission to the Commonwealth Secretariat (GIDD/YAD/CYPRCA), through the designated Project Manger.

6. Transfer of Expertise

The Commonwealth Secretariat attaches particular importance to the transfer of expertise and knowledge to counterparts. Staff of the Federal Ministry of Youth Development will be trained and will benefit from skills transfer during the project implementation period. Trained officials will continue the work of the expert upon completion of project through the ‘Training of Trainers’. Partnerships with other relevant stakeholders and donor partners will be encouraged.

7. Professional Skills/Qualifications

  • All the applicants should have minimum of Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences
  • A Masters Degree in Economics, Social Sciences or Business Administration will be a definite advantage
  • At least seven (7) years experience in Small & Micro Enterprise programmes
  • At least five (5) years working within the youth enterprise development field
  • Training and facilitation skills on youth enterprise development
  • Good liaison and communication skills in a multi-cultural setting
  • Strong background in IT applications for business
  • Good analytical, report-writing and editing skills with ability to produce high quality work independently

8. Submission of Application

Applicants who are nationals of Commonwealth member countries and who meet the post criteria are invited to apply with a detailed CV including names and contact details of three referees and the Personal History Form* to:


Mrs Puja D Sharma
HR (CFTC), Commonwealth Secretariat
Pall Mall,
London UK
Phone: + 44 207 747 6531
Fax: + 44 20 7747 6520


*The Personal History Form (PHF) may be downloaded from the Secretariat Website on the Employment / Vacancies / Long term Assignment (Overseas) page, along with the Skill Codes booklet required to complete the PHF. The form is only available in PDF format.

The application should be forwarded to the contact officer as an attachment to an email / by post / fax. Download the job description

Source: Commonwealth Website


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