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The Civil Society Fund (CSF) for Nigeria:APPLY!!!

The World Bank Country Office in Nigeria invites youth-oriented Civil Society Organizations (CSO), preferably youth-led, throughout Nigeria to submit innovative proposals for participation in its Civil Society Fund (CSF) small grants programme. This year the programme is devoted to fostering the engagement of youth in social and economic development. The deadline for submission is May 16, 2011.

Who can apply?

Youth-oriented civil society organizations that are

* Based in Nigeria, with clear legal standing as a CSO (please attached legal registration).
* Working on issues of youth participation and engagement in social and economic development and/or active in the areas of civic engagement in good governance, including voice and representation of marginalized and vulnerable youth in the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects, oversight in the execution of public resources and implementation of, of fiduciary processes;
* In good standing and have a record of achievement in the community. Organisations must have been in operation for more than 3 years and have a record of financial probity (please attach evidence);
* Priority will be given to organizations not supported by the Program in the last three years. Organizations are not eligible for more than 3grants from the Civil Society Fund within a 5 year period.

The Civil Society Fund is able to fund only a very small percentage of the requests it receives as demand far exceeds the funds available.

What sorts of activities are supported?

The CSF will support activities related to civic engagements such as strengthening the capacity of youth-oriented and/or led CSOs to voice their needs and advocate for specific reforms or development projects; fostering exchange and debates among youth on development challenges in Nigeria, in particular youth employment, conflict and policy responses; monitoring of public services; and the engagement of youth in development policy. These activities will create opportunities for youth involvement in development projects that specifically target them, at the project planning, monitoring and implementation stages. All activities to be supported should be linked with one specific challenge, indentify entry points for the engagement of youth and outline specific ways in which the engagement of youth is going to translate into improving their representation in the policy making process.

The activities proposed must be achievable within a year of the date the grant is awarded and be completed by June 2012. As part of the deliverable requirements, successful organizations will be responsible for attending a one day stakeholders meeting in July 2011 at the World Bank Country Office, Abuja, to share knowledge and discuss best practices from previous CSF small grants calls for proposals. This meeting will be before the implementation of proposed activity.

Proposals will be evaluated on the bases of (a) relevance of proposed activity to the grant objectives; (b) feasibility and sustainability of proposed activity and (c) clarity of the proposal.

Which activities are not supported?

CSF will not fund research programs; formal academic training programs; scholarships; fellowships; study programs; applications from individuals; infrastructure projects; direct service delivery; medical equipment; computer equipment and installation; overhead costs; workshops unless there is a primary civic engagement objective; meeting basic needs; full-time salaries; political or security activities.

What size of grants will be awarded this year?

Grants awarded will range from N450, 000 – N1, 050,000[*], with 80% disbursed at the beginning and 20% towards the end of the project. It is recommended that grantees contribute an amount equal to 50 % of the award towards the project, including cash and in-kind contributions such as staff time and office space.

Application Package

The following should be included in the application

* Organization’s name and mission statement, year of registration and name of the director of the organization, the contact person and title as well as the contact details and website (if available)
* Purpose of the funding request and how the activity relates to civic engagement
* The target population and the expected output indicators and outcomes of the activity.
* Amount of CSF request, the budget and the period this funding request will cover, as well as the funding counterpart’s budget
* Records of engagement activities that promote youth engagement in social and economic development and the achievements, as well as records of financial probity
* If your organization has received previous support from the World Bank, please list the year, amount, and describe for what purpose

How to apply

Interested organizations who meet the eligibility criteria may submit a proposal by hand delivery or courier to: Small Grants Program Coordinator, (Attention: Human Resource Officer) Plot 433, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Opp. ECOWAS Secretariat, Asokoro District, Abuja.

The Civil Society Fund gives full consideration to all proposals. Given the very large number of requests, personal phone calls and visits to the World Bank Office by grantees are discouraged.

The deadline for recipient of applications is May 16, 2011. Applications received after the deadline will not be acknowledged or processed. Only shortlisted organizations will be contacted.

Call for Applications:2011 African Girls Congress

Call for Applications: 2011 African Girls Congress
Application Deadline: 13 May, 2011

Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa (Moremi Initiative) is pleased to announce its call for applications for the 2011 African Girls Congress (GIRLS CONGRESS) – Nigerian Program.

The GIRLS CONGRESS is an annual interactive initiative designed to prepare girls to take charge of their own lives and act as agents of positive change in their communities. The GIRLS CONGRESS engages and challenges girls of exceptional promise to reach their fullest potential—intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The 2011 Congress will offer year-round experiential education that promotes teamwork, role modeling, problem solving and leadership through annual summits, social networking technologies and practical community initiatives. Girls not only gain life-long memories and friendships, but also a lasting framework for learning to build on long after they return home.

The program has the following objectives:

* Equip school-age girls with the tools, resources and networks to increase their involvement in their communities on issues that affect their lives;
* Build skills in public speaking, volunteering, discipline, courage, and compassion, social networking, and peer mentoring;
* Introduce candidates to and strengthen their knowledge on critical issues of importance to girls and women in Africa- ranging from the right of the African child and entrepreneurship to career options and personal development;
* Build communities of girls advocating for policy changes and social justice;
* Nurture active citizenship and interest in service to community;
* Introduce positive role models and positive leadership action, locally and globally.

GIRLS CONGRESS fellowship awards will be made to 25 outstanding girls with exceptional qualities who have exhibited leadership potential in their community and schools. To be eligible for the 2011 program, an applicant must be Nigerian, living in Nigeria; agree to participate in all required activities related to the Congress – including a two-week residential Summer Institute in Nigeria (July 28 – August 11); and commit to a community/school leadership service project. Applicants must be between 13 – 18 years of age. Specific requirements of the program and related dates are outlined in the application package.

We invite you to forward the enclosed African Girls Congress application information to the most amazing girls you know- who have the potential to help transform their communities and schools.

How to Apply: Application form must be completed and emailed to Three letters of recommendation and transcripts must be submitted to the complete application. The deadline for completed African Girls Congress Fellows applications to be submitted for review is May 13, 2011..

* Application Package for Year 2011 African Girls Congress
* 2011 African Girls Congress
* Application Form
* Confidential Teacher Evaluation Form
* Confidential Evaluation Form – Community Leader
* Health Form
* Application Instructions
* Transcript Release Authorization

For application package or additional information go to MOREMI WEBSITE  or contact:



26 Mediterranean Street, Imani Estate.

Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria


Tel: +2348164442882



3340 Peachtree Road NE ,

Suite 1780

Atlanta, GA 30331

Tel: +1 (404) 812 8250

Fax: +1 404 812 825

Please note that this is not a full-time fellowship. Selected candidates may remain full time students in their various schools, except during the 2–week summer institute. The 2-week summer institute is an intensive and full-time residential program and all fellows will be required to attend. The rest of the program involves community-based, online and other distance activities.

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards- Apply!

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2011

3 December 2011

Bonn – Germany

It’s on again! As usual, the Awards Committee of the prestigious ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards announces the next Awards event in 2011.

The ADLER Entrepreneurship Award is an award to acknowledge the accomplishments of African Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa. It is presented to Africans and people of African descent that show the greatest promise of contribution to human well-being, through the creation and application of their activities, intellect and knowledge and to identify people who are contributing towards the development of their communities. The award also deems to encourage and support these citizens in their efforts and to showcase their impact on their communities on the local and national level.


The African Youth Foundation in association with the JANERO Consultancy GmbH, hopes that the ADLER Entrepreneurship Award will serve as a forum for collaboration among Entrepreneurs, and between Entrepreneurs and parties with funding or other support available, leading to the realization of creative ideas.


The 2011 ADLER Entrepreneurship Award for the Diaspora region will be held in Germany on 3 December 2011, in Bonn. Deadline for nominations is 30th June, 2011.


This year, the organisers are encouraging participation from more young people and women:


RCS Competitions:Meandmynet competition on Malaria!

If you are under 18 years old and are from (or living in) a Commonwealth country you could win some fantastic prizes by entering the Me and My Net Competition.

Here’s what to do…

A) Get Writing!

Imagine that you have a cousin who lives in a town where malaria is common.

Although she has been given a mosquito net to protect her from the disease, she doesn’t always use it.

What do you think of her decision?  Write her a letter to share your views.

B) Get Photographing!  Get Drawing!

Take a photograph – or draw a picture – of you or a friend with a mosquito net.

Tell us a little about the picture and the net in it.

C) Get Creative!

Think of a way to teach other young people the importance of using a mosquito net to prevent malaria.
You could:

  • Make an eye-catching poster
  • Create a memorable radio or TV advert
  • Describe your own idea for an advertising campaign

You can submit your entry by email, post or online.  Find out how here.

You can enter each of the categories once.  For full details of the rules, please look at this page.

Entries must be received on or before 30 September 2011.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS:Small Research Grants Program in the NIGER DELTA



About PIND

The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) is a non-profit foundation established in 2010 to provide support for socio-economic development programs in the Niger Delta region and has four program areas namely: 1) Economic Development, 2) Capacity Building, 3) Peace Building and 4) Analysis & Advocacy.

About the Program

The Small Research Grants Program (SRGP) is designed to generate analysis, understanding, awareness and advocacy regarding the systemic constraints to socio-economic development in the Niger Delta. The program is aimed to inform and influence policy and practice through relevant action-oriented research and by actively disseminating the results, and promoting a culture of research and learning. It also intends to strengthen research capacities and create opportunities for analysis, reflection and debate among stakeholders and networks in the Niger Delta. It is in pursuit of these goals that PIND is inviting interested research organizations, institutions and individuals with strong presence in the Niger Delta to submit proposals (concept papers) for small research projects that address PIND’s strategic interests. The SRGP has the objective to promote analysis, innovation,\ learning and partnerships by sponsoring action-oriented research that can guide strategic decisions which will support the development of social capital and pro-poor programs in the Niger Delta.

To meet these objectives, the following focus areas of development issues and opportunities in the Niger Delta region will be analyzed:

  • · Strategic analysis of systemic, socio-economic constraints to effective development planning and decision making
  • · Conflict analysis and effectiveness of peace building initiatives
  • · Identification and analysis of systemic constraints to economic growth opportunities for the poor
  • · Natural resource use and management within the context of agriculture
  • · Identification and analysis of traditional gender norms and their impacts on generating equitable socioeconomic development
  • · Causes, nature, gravity and consequence of youth restiveness
  • · Social impact and cost of communal crises for local communities

Who can apply? How to apply
Public and private bodies can apply for the SRGP Call for Proposals for Research and the eligible stakeholders that will be considered are:

  • Research organizations with experience and networks in the Niger Delta
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) based in the Niger Delta
  • Think tanks
  • Universities in the Niger Delta
  • Independent researchers
  • Civil Society Organizations representing women, youth or minority groups
Concept papers must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Friday 23rd April 2011. Interested applicants should submit concept papers electronically to

Only concept papers received electronically on or before the deadline will be considered. Based on review of the concept papers, successful applicants will be required to develop full proposals in the prescribed format.

Concept papers should not exceed 6 pages and are to include:

1. A research title and description of research project

2. A description of the research methodology

3. A budget not exceeding $25,000 per project including a summary and narrative

4. Discussion on replicability, geographic scope, gender and youth factors, sustainability strategy and SWOT analysis of the project

5. A brief profile of the applicant

Concept papers that do not meet the following under listed criteria will not be considered

v The activities initiated under this project should fit within one of the focus areas described above

v The project duration should not exceed one year

v It must demonstrate matching support from the applicant or others (matching support can include in-kind contributions as long as they can be appropriately quantified)

v Proposals that include travel to international/national conferences, workshops and academic scholarships will not be considered

v Grants will not be used to fund general operating expenses, long term infrastructure costs and undefined miscellaneous or overhead expenses

For more information regarding all the documentation related to the calls including the procedure for applying, please visit: and queries and request for further clarification should be directed to

PREP2GRAD rolls out in Calabar!

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On March 29th 2011 the Afterschool Peer Mentorship project held its PREP2GRAD symposium. The event which was the first in the series that would run nationally in both Secondary and University category had 42 participants comprising Senior Secondary School (3) students and out- of- school youths.

The event presented a platform for the engagement of young people who are about graduating from school to begin to converse about their post graduation plans, not in mere discussions but to learn practical ways of how they can do so.

Speakers at the event included Grace Ihejiamaizu, who spoke on Social Entrepreneurship; How to change the world, Creativity and Arts: The passion driven mind was passionately presented by Mrs. Ajan Enun, C.E.O KuteCraft while Eno Praise Eno inspired attendees speaking on Leadership: Self positioning for Entrepreneurship.

The session which was highly interactive and practically ended with participants haring some of their thoughts thus;

I am highly motivated and my gift has been stirred up”; – Evong

“You are helping us eradicate poverty from our lives; keep it up” – Mary

“ I have been encouraged to explore my world through the art of reading”;- Samuel

“I never heard of Entrepreneurship; but learnt I can become an entrepreneur” –Nwoyi

Participants were super excited and sing up for the project’s post- event engagements.

For More information: Please Visit:PREP2GRAD!

Taraba Community Fund:Apply!

The TY Danjuma Foundation is pleased to introduce the Taraba Community Fund. Deadline for submission of proposals is April 30, 2011. Follow the link below to access the Call.

Application Form (Taraba Community Fund)

Takardar neman tallafi ta Asusun al’ummar Taraba

Application Form_Taraba Community Fund_Pidgin

Click to PDF and download.

Women Deliver:Competition for Bloggers!

Women Deliver and Vestergaard Frandsen Announce Competition for Women Bloggers

Women Deliver, in partnership with Vestergaard Frandsen, announced today the launch of “Women Bloggers Deliver,” a competition that will send two female bloggers on a trip to Kakamega, Kenya to observe a unique public health campaign with a climate change component that will provide millions of girls and women with access to safe and clean drinking water.

The winning bloggers will accompany community workers as they distribute LifeStraw® Family water filters to almost a million households, and watch as families and communities are transformed by this important public health intervention.

Open for applications: Wednesday, April 6
Deadline for applications: Friday, April 22
Finalists announced: Monday, April 25
Winners announced: Wednesday, April 27
Travel dates: May 14 to May 22

The winning bloggers will follow a groundbreaking program that links access to safe drinking water with low carbon development. The program, called “Carbon for Water,” will provide more than four million residents with quick access to safe drinking water at home. In sub-Saharan Africa, many girls and women spend hours a day collecting water, often walking miles in extreme conditions and on dangerous roads to fetch water and wood for fuel.

“The huge challenges in sub-Saharan Africa—poverty, access to safe and clean drinking water, access to family planning, maternal mortality—can only be tackled if girls and women are central to the conversation,” said Jill Sheffield, president of Women Deliver. “We hope that this competition will harness women bloggers’ energy and passion to showcase women as not only part of the problem, but part of the solution.”

To honor the bloggers’ work and the work of Women Deliver in raising the profile of women from this community, the Emusanda Health Center in Kakamega will receive a long sought-after maternity ward donated by Vestergaard Frandsen with contributions from the blogosphere.

To learn more and apply for the competition, Enter Here!


Google Nigeria tech event: Growing Local, Going – Apply!


Google is excited to meet with Nigeria’s software developers, tech businesses and digital marketers. With a successful G-Nigeria 2010, we look forward to demonstrating the Google web and mobile tools that are driving technological and business innovation here in Africa and across the globe


Day 1: For Software Developers


May 3rd–  Day 1 will focus on using Google developer tools to push the boundaries of web applications. Google engineers and web development leaders will guide you through a full day of in-depth sessions, including hands-on code labs dedicated to cutting edge web and mobile technologies.

The day will include intermediate and advanced Mobile Web / Android, Cloud Computing, and Geo/Maps sessions. View the full agenda.

Important: If you have a laptop,  set up your development environment before arrival.

May4th – Day 2: For Technology Entrepreneurs & Marketing Professionals


marketers. Our goal is to help spur innovation and business growth in Nigeria and across the region. We want to inspire business to make the most of the web and mobile space!

Sessions will help you understand how to:

  • Driving customers
  • Marketing with web and mobile
  • Tracking and measure results
  • Manage business presence online

We’ll close with an entrepreneur panel where panelists will share their expertise in funding and launching technology ventures. Check out the agenda!

Click here for details!